My number one reason I WON'T make art

How many excuses do you have for not doing your art practice? I used to have many, but my usual all star excuse was that I didn’t have space. See, I was a spoiled kid. I had an entire basement to myself. Think, Eric Foreman’s basement from That 70s Show. It was dark and dingy. But there was space. I used to stay up all hours of the night working on paintings. But, once I became an adult I found this more and more difficult. Not only was it a struggle to be disciplined enough to skip out on maintaining my social life after a long work day to do art instead. But now I didn’t have that kind of space. I used to rent this little breakfast nook in Seattle. It was great. And once I suffered the pain of having no art practice I was able to set up in the living room with my roommates consent.

But with each move I have struggled with this issue of space for my art practice. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Obviously, a move is a huge stressor. So creating and practicing a routine can take a moment. But at times, this has mean’t years without steady art practice. YEARS!? Terrible, I know.

But after I started this commitment of doing 10,000 hours of art in 2017, I noticed I was able to finally let this go. I just felt determined to make it work. I really am at my best when I have a consistent art practice. I am nicer to people. I am cheerful. My self esteem is a bit better. So, I decided to set up in our dining room.

Summer 2016

Summer 2016

That wasn’t the only place I worked though. I worked in the living and my daughter’s room. She didn’t use it when she was so little. The point is, I found space no matter how small.

When we moved to California. I was determined not to delay my art practice again. I wanted to get unpacked and jump right into work. And it was a dream come true. I finally had some real space where I could settle in.


There was a nice big corner in the garage, all for me. I mean, it had a dark, dingy feel. But that was something I was familiar with. But now I could spread out a lot more. It’s like after all that wishing I had space and just doing art anyway, the space presented itself to me.

And, today I now have some space at home where I can draw and sew as well as a space on campus. I have an abundance of space!


So, I say, find your determination. Whatever your excuses are, find a way to overcome them and the solutions will begin to present themselves to you.

I hope your art practice is going well.